Santa Tracker 8" Globe

One Canoe Two

SKU: 718813773027

Relive the Christmas spirit anywhere in the world! Connect with Santa and follow his holiday escapade with the One Canoe Two Globe Gallery Santa Tracker Globe from American Crafts!

Thoughtfully crafted by American Crafts using the most exquisite pieces of materials, ensuring long lasting durability and reliability. Beautifully crafted with a colorful design that's perfect for the holiday season, this globe comes with a Santa Sleigh token that allows every creative mind to follow the trails of Santa's Christmas flight.

Built with a sturdy base that supports the globe and prevents it from detaching and falling. It features a bronze-colored stand that beautifully compliments the colorful exterior of the globe. This pack includes a globe base, 10 adhesive magnets, and 1 Santa sleigh token.

Unleash the kid in you and feel the joy the tales bring! Complete your crafting supplies and educational materials with American Crafts!

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